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The two main issues that we find when trying to perfect your driving to the tune of James Deane, is the art of left foot braking. The initial issue of sending your missus through the windscreen at 40mph with her large fries in one hand and medium coke (diet) in the other have surpassed, the next problem to encounter is modulating the brake pedal in drift, enough that you don't end up going through the lead cars door sitting on his/her lap and telling them what you want for Christmas.

You will normally find that with any naturally aspirated vehicle this never becomes an overly pressing issue, however, when piloting a turbo or supercharged car you will find that you only have around 2-3 pedal modulations before the brakes go completely rock hard and you find yourself at a bit of a sticky wicket.

This happens as the brake booster/servo is offering assistance with the aid of vacuum supplied by the engine when it is out of its boost range and in vacuum. Generally when vacuum assisted brakes were invented there was never a consideration for a person needing to use the brakes whilst in boost.

This is where eliminating the brake booster has been slowly growing in popularity, completely removing the big bulky booster and replacing it with a high quality Wilwood master cylinder which is sized to work in perfect harmony with the rest of your braking system. The master cylinder is sized to work on an SChassis running z32/r33 caliper set up, Please specify in the notes section when you order if you are running different calipers and what they are so that we can size you master cylinder correctly.

One of the most common questions that arises with deleting the brake booster is folks concerned they will lose braking force. This is most certainly not the case, the general rule of thumb is that the larger the piston size on your caliper the smaller the master would need to be as you need a smaller amount of fluid to operate the caliper. Lets not get to bogged down with the technicalities, generally 75% of the pedal travel will remain roughly the same as with the vacuum assist, the last 25% will require slightly more effort to gain sufficient braking force and this is where the pedal feel and superior modulation of the brakes reigns supreme over the stock set up. Meaning you can modulate the brakes with your left foot until your hearts content with no fear of losing vacuum and your well on the yellow brick road to James Deane glory.

This kit comes with the following:
- THL master cylinder mounting plate
- Wilwood master cylinder kit
- Associated hardware for fixing
- Available in polished, black, white

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