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- 25mm to 35mm longer than S14/S15 LCA's
- Superior tie rod clearance over factory
- Incorporated tension arm for superior clearance
- Uses factory S14/S15 ball joints
- Chromoly racing series rose joints with rubber dust boots
- Adjustable lock stops
- All hardware included
- Lifetime manufacturers warranty

The THL Rokku LCA's for the most part replicate the factory lower control and tension arm combo that any Schassis owner will be familiar with, the select areas for improvement start off with the rose jointed inners as apposed to the factory bushes which eliminates any unwanted movement from the joint itself and makes articulation effortless.

As with our modified LCA option a 'notch' prevision makes the most out of the available lock that the knuckle and steering rack will allow, with the edition of an adjustable lock stop for those wanting to limit the amount of achievable angle.

The straight style stock tension arm doesn't really cut the mustard when trying to reach your steering angle goals, many (us included) experience issues with the trailing wheel coming into contact with the tension arm (depending on wheel size and offset) and although there are a few kinked/bent/super lock tension arms on the market they just wont clear the wheel on full lock. With the aid of CAD we have been able to increase the pocket the trailing wheel needs without compromising overall strength.

With the factory ball joints being strong and cost effective we opted to use them in our LCA's mainly for them doing there job so well and also for how readily available they are. The spherical bearing and shank design used by many other manufacturers works perfectly but the shank itself can bend or even break when the wheel comes into contact with your pal's door (or a wall), with these parts being custom made and specific to each parts manufacturer these can be costly to replace and take time to be shipped out.

'We have run the full THL Rokku angle kit on the 180sx since June 2018 and have never experienced handling on an Schassis so good. Its direct, fast steering and super responsive to any input given. Even with the most aggressive entry on full lock the car gives the driver nothing but confidence, with no binding or over centering issues in sight!'
-Matt, THL Founder

The full Schassis THL Rokku angle kit consist's of the drop knuckles, LCA's and cross member for £949 GBP 

This product is for race applications only and not intended for road use.

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